Baffled by Internet Jargon?

Are you baffled by Internet jargon?

Confused by online terminology?

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If you aren’t familiar with it, Internet jargon can have a jarring effect on people. Social media experts and enthusiastic Internet users often seem to speak in code. You’ve probably experienced it while reading an article online or listening to a TED Talk podcast. An unfamiliar social media term or acronym gets dropped into the presentation. You feel embarrassed because you don’t know what it means, and the cool, Internet savvy folks do. Later, you secretly search Google for the word, hoping not to get caught. Help in on the way! Here are 5 common Internet terms and their meanings.


Embedding makes it possible to watch videos or see a graphic on a one website or blog which is actually originating from another Internet address. You are able to conveniently view the media without going to a different place online. When you watch a video on Facebook or Twitter, you are watching embedded media. The original video may be on someone’s computer or YouTube.


Internet monetizing is a simple concept: it’s about making money from your website or blog. Ways of making money include sales of products on your website, receiving  a referral payment by allowing other companies to advertise on your site or blog, or charging a fee to access special information.


Life-hacking was a term coined by Danny O’Brien at the 2004 O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference. Danny was exploring different methods developed by computer programmers to maximize their efficiency. The quirky term caught on, and now it refers to methods that will simplify and optimize your daily life. Sources of life-hacking suggestions can be found at, as well as many blog posts, podcasts, and books. This site is rich in great information.

Squeeze Page

You may not know the term “squeeze page”, but you have definitely encountered one. It is a page that offers an invitation offering something for free in exchange for your email address. Signing up on a Squeeze page allows you to receive your freebie, request additional information, or to subscribe to a newsletter.


In Internet world, an “avatar” is a little picture that is associated with your username or email address. Whenever you leave a comment on someone’s website or interact with others in an online forum, the picture next to your username is your avatar. An avatar can be anything you want, from a graphic image generated by the specific website, your picture, or something that you select to represent you, often a cartoonish character. There are lots sites where you can set up your avatar for free.

Feel better? Now you are “in the know.” You are becoming one of the Internet Savvy folks. Keep watching our blog. We will be sharing all kinds of information about the Internet and its never ending changes.