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Customer Reviews

We are grateful to have the privilege of working with wonderful people from every corner of the globe. Here are some of the great customer reviews and endorsements from our favorite people – our clients!


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“Fetch Response cares about their clients and they go above and beyond what they promise.  They follow through and deliver incredible results.  My husband and I own our own business and Fetch Response has helped develop our social media presence in a powerful way. Their knowledge and fluency in their field is beyond compare!  Thank you Fetch Response!” C. DePaula, Turley Jewelers, Miami, FL, USA

“After starting Magic Trash Press about this time last year, I wanted to know how best to market the books we publish via social media. It was a whole new world, and social media connected all the customers and sellers. But how should I market to them? And where should I start?  I wanted results, but I didn’t know where to begin. Fetch Response directed me to the most effective method of promoting Magic Trash Press to its most receptive audience. Tt produced results. Thanks, Fetch Response.”  Z. Kopp, Founding Editor, Trash Magic Press , Denver, CO USA

“Roxann is a pro – knowledgeable, attentive, friendly, effective and willing to go the extra mile to get the results you’re looking to achieve. Highly recommended. She will be our go-to expert for all things ‘social media.”  D. McDonald, TapEmApps, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Every once in awhile you will find someone who is just perfect for what you need to keep growing. Roxann has all the expertise and uses it every day. She explains things in plain english… If you need help with any social media issues, don’t go anywhere else.” R. McLearen, Payton, AZ USA

“First Roxann had me fill out a  form which asks all kinds of questions about my business. She used it  to help me  define my business as a brand. She analyzed my website (which isn’t open to the public yet) and  explained how I could improve it. She came up with tons of ideas on how to promote my company on-line and locally. Fetch Response set up my social media accounts… Her follow-up is great. She checks in with me at no extra charge to see how things are going. I appreciate how she really cares about my success.”  S. Meadows, North Miami Beach, FL USA 

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“Great Service! Very good with Follow Thru!”    Denver, CO USA

“If you want to get started doing business over the Internet, do yourself a favor and check out Fetch Response. They are awesome and offer so many services for you that it’s ridiculous. Roxann is super thorough. She explained exactly what I needed to make my website successful and she helped me to figure out my brand. Now I am ready to build my website. I know that all the important bases will be covered. Thanks, Roxann!”  B. Richardson, USA 

“Fetch Response has become one of my “go to” sources over the past few months. I often start and end my day with info from FR. Keep up the good work!!” G. Fitts, Florida, USA

“Has Made such a powerful difference in my life and business. Ideas I never would have thought of or tried. Also loved at how easy it was to work with Roxann, she understood me, sounds odd but so important!!” K. Payton, Denver, CO USA

“You can trust Roxann Souci with your Social media marketing needs.” J. Starr, USA

“I was lucky enough to work with Roxann these past few weeks. While this was a collaborative effort, I ended up learning a good deal from her expertise in areas where I am not so strong. I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to Roxann in the future or refer others to her. It was a fun learning experience for both of us.” D. Uslander, Maryland, USA

“Fetch Response was able to guide me in reaching strategic goals regarding a somewhat difficult project. Brava Roxann!” H. Tulchin, Denver, CO USA

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Additional Reviews

I have been working with Fetch Response for over two years. Roxann is amazing. Love working with her. I have clients in all types of businesses in all parts of the country. She researches and “gets” every business.  She always hits the mark wiring their website pages and social media. Sometimes she has trouble meeting deadlines, but it’s always worth the wait.” N. Horaoff, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

“Truly eye opening personal consultation with a massively talented branding and social media consulting expert!! Roxann was able to simplify in record time what I’ve made needlessly difficult.  She is very clear, focused and results driven.” J K Endo, Realtor, Keller Williams, CA, USA

“Roxann did an awesome job helping me to clarify my brand and figure out what I need to do and get a better direction for my company!  Would recommend her.” R. Frios, Dallas, texas, USA

“Fantastic marketing consultant!  Working with Roxann has been a pleasure . Roxann is a true professional, very knowledgeable, open minded.  She is extremely friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing and advertising. Once you meet her you will discover an amazing, down-to-earth person. Great Service! Very good with Follow Thru! P.Diaz, Fertility Specialist, Australia

“Thank you so much for helping me with my site and marketing. I am looking forward to using your advice and getting things going as they should be going! If there were stars to click to rate you, there wouldn’t be enough stars to click! THANKS!! She’s an inspiration! I’m serious.” D. Morgan, Owner, Make Dollar Money Store, USA

“I had a fantastic session with Roxann. She knew her stuff very well and gave me a thorough analysis and excellent advice about my brand development. Also she was enthusiastic and generous with her time. I really appreciate her expertise, professionalism and gracefulness and look forward to working with her in the future.” Lotus N.,  Your Youthful Heart, USA

“Rox was awesome, and very very helpful. Can’t wait to have another chance to implement our changes and then consult again.” R. Hootselle, Vice President, USA

“Great Service! Very good with follow thru! A little delayed, but was in touch the whole time! Would definitely recommend to other people!” E. Beck, Emerald City Appliance Repair, Seattle, WA, USA

“Thank you for the meeting today it helped me move forward with clarity.” G. Ballard, Vice President, X8 Global   Australia 

“Extremely professional and personable. Roxann isn’t about getting started without getting to know you. I appreciate that. If you want to get a professional game plan, go to Roxann!”  J. Helleland, Web Designer, Shopify Expert, Norway

“Roxann did an awesome job helping me to clarify my brand and figure out what I need to do and get a better direction for my company! Would recommend her and her company.” DDD Modeling, California, USA

“This lady is the most talented and creative content writer I have ever come across.” Top Media Brand, China 


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We are grateful that our clients are pleased with our work. Their reviews mean a lot to us. They prove that our terrier tenacity gets results for our customers!