Facebook to Remove Page Likes

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An upcoming major change in the social media world is the scheduled plan for Facebook to remove page likes of certain accounts.

In the March 5, 2015 Facebook made the announcement that, starting March 12,  they would remove page “likes” from memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts.

Facebook Business page administrators are being forewarned that they can expect to see a small drop in their total number of Likes.

This change by Facebook to remove page likes that are no longer valid is an effort to provide account administrators with more accurate Insights. Facebook Insights are heavily relied upon by marketers for their Facebook advertising campaigns, including the look-alike Facebook profiles program. This clean up will also help to show the true number of followers instead of inflated numbers.

Facebook stressed that while most accounts will be slightly effected, no one will be losing any active account Likes. Only deactivated and memorialized account Likes will be removed.

For those Facebook account administrators who have purchased fake Facebook Likes, however, the decrease in page Like numbers could be more substantial.

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