Hashtags Are Not For Breakfast!



Remember when # was the symbol for a pound? Not anymore! Now the # symbol is commonly referred to as a “hashtag”. Hashtags are used in social media to locate information on a particular topic and to connect with other people who are interested in the same subject.

What are hashtags?

  • A hashtag is the # symbol before a word or a short phrase in a social media post.
  • A hashtag is a type of shorthand describing the topic of the post or related topics. A post about writing a better blog might use the hashtags #blog or #blogging.
  • Hashtags are an efficient way of organizing information.
  • Hashtags create a searchable link which leads to other people and and their discussions on the same topic.
  • Hashtags originated on Twitter, but they are now in use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, and other social sites.

When do you use hashtags?

  • When conducting a search on social media regarding a specific topic.
  • To locate relevant postings by other social media users.
  • To find and connect with people interested in the same subject.
  • To bring attention to the subject matter in your post.
  • Hashtags are great for starting and developing conversations!

How do you make hashtags?

  • Use the # symbol before a word or phrase that best describes your topic. There are no spaces between the # symbol and any of the following words.
  • Hashtags cannot start with numbers or contain any special symbols other than #.
  • Keep your hashtags short! Hashtags should be only one to three words. #SocialMedia vs. #MostFrequentlyUsedSocialM or #DenverYoga vs. #YogaClassesInTheDenverArea.
  • Make hashtags easier to read, by capitalizing the first letter of each word. #BlogContent, #SocialMedia, #SmallBusiness.
  • Use only two or three hashtags per post. More than three will greatly reduce the number of people who will bother to read your message.
  • Before creating a hashtag, make sure there isn’t one already in use that covers your subject. In Twitter, when you start to create a hashtag, a drop down menu will list previously used hashtags. Check the spelling of any hashtag you select or create.

Now that you know the What, When, & How of using Hashtags, go eat your breakfast! It’s the best meal of the day!

If you have any questions about the ins and outs of social media or Internet marketing, just give us a whistle! We will be happy to explain what you need to know, and we’ll use language that non-techies can understand.

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