Meet Our Mascot!



My name is Ollie. I am the mascot for Fetch Response. My mom picked me to represent her company because I am a terrier – a Westie! Terriers are tenacious. When we have a job to do, nothing gets in our way. We love people. We like making new friends. And Westies pay attention. We always know what’s going on. Mom said that those are the qualities that define Fetch Response. I’m a perfect fit!

Actually, I’m a little bit famous. Blush. My mom tells stories about me on her social media. Her social friends share my stories with their social friends. And those friends tell more friends!  Now over 10,000 people know about me on Twitter. On my 8th birthday, I got 74 Facebook birthday greetings. Arf Arf! That’s how social media works. If you put out great ideas, people will share them.

I’m proud to be a mascot. It’s cool. I get to go to mom’s office every day. And I like being kinda famous. It’s a great way to get more bones!




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