Social Media and Your Business

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Social media and your business make a powerful combination. Your online marketing can achieve meaningful benefits never previously available with traditional advertising.

A well developed social media marketing plan can dramatically increase the number of people who know about your company. It will increase your brand awareness.  It will reach your target audience and put your company in front of the people who are interested in buying your products.

You can present products and your company message to those people on a regular basis. The right social media strategy will drive traffic to your website. It costs a fraction of traditional advertising. Social media gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential and current customers.

How Has Social Media Changed Marketing?

Consumers have changed the way they make their buying decisions. They go online to find companies that offer what they want, and they research the reputations of those companies through the social media grapevine. In response, companies have had to change the way they do business.

Savvy companies know that they must develop relationships and on-going dialogue with current and potential customers. How can they do that? By using the power of social media. Positive experiences with your brand through social media can turn prospects into customers, and customers into your company advocates – the best cheerleaders for your business!

How Does Social Media Work?

Starbucks, Coca Cola, Red Bull, and other brands, from established companies to start-ups, are using social media to get the word out about their brand, products, community involvement, special offers, and corporate values. They are building loyal audiences of fans and followers by posting content that is interesting and helpful to their readers.

They make themselves available to answer consumer questions and complaints. They listen and respond to feedback. These practices can dramatically improve customer service. By using social media to show a sincere interest in your current and potential customers’ needs, you can develop consumer trust, maintain a positive brand image, and create loyal “cheerleaders” for your company.

What Makes Online Marketing Different from Traditional Advertising?

Traditional advertising is about in-your-face selling. It is telling about your product or company. It is not about listening to consumers. In today’s world, people do not want to be “talked at” with sales pitches. People want connection. Social media is called “social” for a reason. Social media is not a sales tool; it is a relationship building tool.

When your business builds positive relationships with people, those people will become your social media fans and followers. They will become your customers, and they will tell their friends about your company. No endorsement is more powerful than an endorsement from a friend. It starts by developing relationships through social communities.

Fetch Response Can Help!

We know social media. We know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How! We know and use the best practices that will get results. Social media does not have a cookie cutter formula. It is not a one-size-fits-all process. Our job is to find the very best “fit” for your business and goals and create a customized  strategy  that will achieve measurable results.

When you use social media for your business, you take advantage of so many opportunities to improve your bottom line. Social media and your business will make a winning combination!

Isn’t it time for YOU to get social?

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